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Summer Memories


Certain things always remind me of summer while others have a way of bringing me back to a particular moment in time. I would say that watermelon, mint and lime always evoke memories of summer. Jalapeño, however, became a certain staple in our home that will always remind me of this past summer. We used […]

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A Sparkling Shower


Last year, after my daughter Amelie’s first birthday party my friend Stephanie called me and said “when I get married, your making my shower.” This was before Stephanie even met her future husband but fast forward  one year and here we are a few days away from Stephanie and Craig’s wedding. I love all of […]

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Peachy. Spicy. Fizzy.


It’s those last days of summer where the days start to get a little shorter, the air a little cooler and that autumn breeze rears its head in the evening hours letting us all know that summer will soon come to an end. Bittersweet, indeed but the silver lining, for me at least, is that […]

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