Fizzy Cranberry-Orange with Citrus Ice Cubes

  • 1-SodaStream Frozen Clementines
  • 3.5B NEW SodaStream Orange Poured into Cranberry
  • 3-SodaStream Glass Before Soda
  • 5.SodaStream Cran-Orange Soda

By Andrea Lynn, author of The Artisan Soda Workshop.

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  • 1. Prepare citrus ice cubes: Peel and segment the clementines, placing slices into a Ziploc bag. Lie the bag flat in the freezer, trying to make sure the clementine slices aren't all touching each other. Let clementines freeze for a few hours minimum, preferably overnight.
  • 2. Prepare the drink: Remove frozen clementine segments from Ziploc bag and fill the glass with a handful of citrus ice cubes. Make the SodaStream sodas according to directions. Pour cranberry soda and orange soda into the glass and serve.

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